We audio record through analogue preamps and with the best ADC's to a protools HDX system for fast editing. We use Neve analogue mixing and GSSL mix bus compression. Our studio can record audio for whole bands live as well as isolated overdubs.


Square metres


We have the largest drum room in Oxford with 5m high ceilings in to produce audio recordings of exciting live drum sounds. It can also be used as a room effect for other instruments and for bespoke music recording such as choral work. Adjacent to the drum room is another live room which has a different acoustic profile for audio recording of instruments. We also have a large vocal booth for vocal recording overdubs audio recording of other instruments. Our control room is on the mezzanine level. It overlooks the drum room and provides a relaxed mixing and listening environment.

The main room

A huge 6m wide space with a 5m high ceiling. Designed to bring out the character of any instrument, particularly percussive ones.

Control room

Situated above the main room it provides a relax professional listening environment.

Vocal room

Ideal for vocal overdubs, audio dialogue replacement or voice over.

Recording room

Another large space with a warm acoustic profile for instruments and voice recording.

Audio Mixing and Mastering

Audio mixing and mastering of recorded tracks takes place through professional Lynx Aurora 16 analogue to digital converters, mix bus compression through GSSL and Oxford analogue hardware, Our primary monitors are PMC twotwo 6's. We use Neve summing as well as dedicated plugins from Waves, UAD, Fabfilter and many other companies. Our main DAW the latest Mac & Avid HDX system with protools 11 software and it is augmented by an intel i7 custom built sample computer running Vienna Ensemble Pro, Vienna Symphonic and Kontakt sample players. Any audio recorded at the studio and mixed through this system is of broadcast quality.

Kevin Cousineau

Producer & Director of Cooz's Records

Passion and Experience

Kevin Cousineau aka Cooz has been constantly involved in audio recording and music production since achieving an honours degree in physics at Bristol University and a postgraduate degree at Cambridge University. Since then he has worked with many high profile clients in the music industry as well as creating audio assets used by large corporate companies such as the BBC, Universal and Sky TV.


2 years ago

Cooz's Records

Today we are working on production music for audio jungle with a little help from these! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 years ago

Cooz's Records

Recording mixing and mastering from Cooz's with 'The Lynx' for chrystal clear clarity! ... See MoreSee Less

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3 years ago

Cooz's Records

Today we have mostly been recording Foley, here is a v amusing video for more info :-)
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3 years ago

Cooz's Records

You know its a good week when your Star Meter goes up 5.4 Million on IMDb :-) ... See MoreSee Less

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