Jacob on the CD Duplication Process

Jacob on the CD Duplication Process


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Duplication VS Replication:
CD Duplication is one type of CD manufacturing of which there are two; duplication and replication. It is important to understand the differences to determine which is best for your project. The CD duplication process is the more standard and is suitable for producing fewer quantities of CDs. CD Replication is a highly controlled process which produces huge quantities of CDs. It differs from duplication in the fact the CDs have to be molded from molten plastic before the information can be transferred from the glass master (a very fragile glass disk). With duplication, the data is transferred or burned to pre-molded disks, making the process a lot quicker.
The Duplication Process:
The CD Duplication process is similar to burning a CD/DVD at home on your personal computer. However, the CD duplicator machines used for manufacturing can process hundreds of CD's all at once in containers called towers. These towers are linked together and are made up of several trays holding the CDs. It starts by extracting the audio data from the master disk and then digitally transferring it onto the pre-molded CDs. It then compares and verifies the data with the master, ensuring that none of the data has been lost. After this, the CDs can be sent off to printing where they can receive their graphics.
The Benefits of Duplication:
There are many advantages to using the Duplication process one of them being time. As the data is being transferred to pre-moulded blank CD's, the standard turn time is around 2-3 business days, even for orders up to 5000 units. Compare this with replication which can take up to 10 business days. Duplication is also good for producing smaller quantities of CDs, typically the replication process has a minimum order of 1000 units. This makes duplication ideal for up coming artists who aren't looking to produce thousands upon thousands of CDs.

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